Marie-Cécile - Intern at Tremplin - August 2011

During my Internship at Village Pilote during July and August 2011, I had the opportunity to spend time both at Tremplin and at the Head Office in Yoff.


Initially, I was due to take part in some of the construction work such as building the kitchen and making the mud bricks at the Tremplin site.  Sadly, due to a lack of funding and the non-propitious timing of my stay (during the rainy season), I was unable to complete the tasks to which I had been assigned.  On the other hand, I am very happy to have met and been part of the Tremplin team and its charges; and to have come into contact with these young people at risk.  In addition, I was agreeably surprised by the welcome I received from everyone which touched me deeply.  As far as my training was concerned, I was able to observe methods of construction very different from those I had seen previously on my course.  During my time here I was also able to see and participate in the training of the young men and to read entire books explaining building practices using mud bricks.


Following this part of my stay, I went to the offices of the association in order to work with Mr Seck, manager of work and responsible for studies.  With his help, I was able to learn more about natural building methods and he tutored me in the production of a pre-study into the space planned to welcome volunteers, “The Palmeraie” (Palm Grove), for which I made a model and compiled a financial report.


Finally, this placement has been very constructive for me both on a personal level and as part of my studies, which is why I want to thank everyone at the association again; and in particular Mr Seck who helped me to understand how to realise a project using natural materials; and also G Niane and her family who welcomed me warmly during my stay.

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